SiniSupreme is a Scandinavian pole dancer, aerialist and actress. Her special skills include sword fighting stunts and pouring champagne upside down from an aerial hoop. Sini has two bachelor’s degrees – one in event management from Finland and another in acting from The American Musical & Dramatic Academy College and Conservatory NY & LA. All the countries and cultures where Sini has lived and studied, has given her an unique way to see the world and entertainment industry. Her dancing style includes sensual acrobatic movements as well as crazy Rock’n Roll twirls. Sini has performed in the Pole Show LA 2019, placed in multiple pole competitions in the US and starred in music videos in the US and Europe.


After having run her own event management company for five years, Sini decided it’s time to get back on the spotlight again. She sold her company and moved to Copenhagen to study dance. After a year of intensive dance training, she made her way to study acting, dancing, aerial arts and sword fighting in the two most notable cities in entertainment business. New York and Los Angeles have become her second homes and she has established her talent on screen and on stage in both of these metropolises.


SiniSupreme has been a show business entrepreneur for over ten years. Her company Ace of Case, based in Finland, provides a range of hospitality and entertainment services for events, clubs and parties. Whether you are looking for circus and variety acts, or producer & hostess to VIPs and backstages, this Lady has it all. In the US SiniSupreme works as a pole dancer & pole instructor, actress and go-go dancer. Her ultimate goal is to become an action movie actress where she could incorporate her aerial and stage combat skills.



Upgrade your event to a whole new level. Get your bubbly poured down from the ceiling. Aerial bartenders at your service.

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Need a host or backstage producer for you event, who can handle the riders and keep the backstages in order? You know who to call.

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Pole dance show, acrobatic aerial performance or a mind-blowing variety act. Forget basic dance numbers, here comes the wow-factor for your parties, events and music videos.

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Strike a pose – on the ground or up in the air! This Lady never gets enough from the camera. SiniSupreme is an experienced poser, mover, model and a shape shifter.

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Sini graduated from the honorable The American Musical and Dramatic Academy NY & LA with a Bachelor in Acting degree. Her special skills include stage combat, stunts and physical acting. Sini’s ultimate goal is to become a femme fatale in action movies, combining her aerial and combat skills.

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Sini has extensive experience of producing corporate events as well as promotion tours, hospitality services and business summits.

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Pole show at the Armoured Brigade Parola

Had an amazing opportunity to perform at The Armoured Brigade in Parolannummi. This was a customized dance show for my client and I wanted to bring some elements from military life in it. My passion in creating choreographies is to tell a story, make it as a role and play with the full theme.

Here is a link to my piece:


Studio Supreme

Studio Supremen tarjonnasta löytyy tankotanssi, ilma-akrobatia sekä venyttelytunnit jotka ovat vertaansa vailla! Supremelta hoituu myös lasten synttäripaketit, yksityistunnit, tykypaketit ja showkokonaisuudet tapahtumiin ja tilaisuuksiin.

2021 alkaa Studio Supremella AVOIMELLA (maksuttomalla) avausviikolla!!!

Tule siis koittamaan tunteja maksutta ja ota tästä startti uudelle vuodelle uusin harrastuksin. Tunneille tulee ilmoittautua etukäteen, max 8hlöä/tunti. (Huom, tarjous ei koske Pole Perusteita koska kurssi täynnä).

Lukkari kevät 11.1.2021 alkaen:

Ma Studio Supreme Loimaa
16:30 Jongleeraus & akrobatia (Reetta)
18:00 Ilma-akrobatia Silkit Startti (Reetta)
Ti Studio Supreme Loimaa
16:00 Voimistelu ja temppurata alle kouluikäisille (kesto 45min, suositus ikäraja 5-7v) (Sini)
16:45 Playground tunti (tangot, renkaat, liinat & silkit) (Sini)
18:00 Pole Flow (Sini)
19:30 SiniRääkki (yksäri)
Ke KuntoForssa
16:30 Nuorten tanko- & lattia-akrobatia (7-11v) (Sini)
17:30 Pole PWR (Sini)
18:45 Pole Alkeet (Mari)
Ke Studio Supreme Loimaa
19:15 Ilma-akrobatia liina Juniorit ( 7-11v) (Sini)
Pe Studio Supreme Loimaa
17:30 Pole Perusteet; Start + Alkeet (Kipa) 6vko kurssi TÄYNNÄ
18:30 Pole Vaparit (ei ohjausta)
Su KuntoForssa
13:15 Pole Koreo (avoin taso) (Sini)
14:15 Twerk- Reggaeton (avoin taso)(Sini)
Su Studio Supreme
17:15 Pole Exotic (Alkeet)(Sini)
18:45 Syvävenyttely (avoin taso)(Sini)
Tutustumispaketti (3krt) yht. 36e
Kymppikortti (10krt) yht. 100e
Ilmoittautumiset ja lisätiedot: sini.lindholm@gmail.com
Studio Supremen löydät Loimaalta osoitteesta Viljavarastontie 4 ja Forssasta KuntoForssan peilisalista Aleksinkatu 6:sta.

Night Drive

SiniSupreme nähdään uunituoreessa Brother Firetriben lyhytelokuvassa tankotanssijan roolissa. Sini vastasi elokuvan tankotanssijoiden roolituksesta ja tankojen organisoinnista kuvauspaikalle. Check it out!

Radio Rock esittää: NIGHT DRIVE (K-16)(Night Drive 2020)

Murtunut mies vaeltaa öisin Kill Cityn alamaailmassa ja etsii tytärtään. Tummasävyistä tarinaa siivittää Brother Firetribe yhtyeen viimeisimmän Feel The Burn albumin musiikki. Rooleissa mm. Pekka Heino, Ronja Kuoppamäki, Jussi Lampi, Ilkka Heiskanen, Minka Kuustonen. Ohjaus: Jäppi Savolainen. (16´) Suomenkielinen tekstitys.



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